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March 13 - 17 -- Bike Week / IBA Jacksonville
      -- Announcing
ORANGE CRUSH ... 1,000 miles in and out of Key West
         Get an IBA Saddle Sore that's a bit different!! Contact Dave     
      -- Thursday Night Annual Fish Camp Dinner

We will again gather at a "fish camp" for dinner on Thursday night.  As well we are scheduling a "ceremony" to add a new bronze name plate to the Shards of Touring this time celebrating Paul Tong and Peter Green and their epic IBA 2017 ride. They carried the Shards and will be honored on Friday Night at the IBA event hotel.  Get in touch with Dave for particulars.

APRIL 14 -- The Moonshine Lunch Run ... Meet up in Indianapolis then ride to Southern Illinois and grab a burger for charity.  https://moonshine-run.com/  We may turn this into a full weekend ride to include Memphis for barbecue.  Get in touch with Papa Smurf to get on the list. 

April 18 - 20 --  Annual Ozarks Rendezvous
A fabulous event on the best technical roads in America some say.  And of course the annual dinner and great food.  We take over a boutique hotel and it fills fast.  There is a cabin on premises as well and other hotels an easy walk away.  Get in touch with Big Johnson!!  jimj@urban-inc.net

June 11 - 18 -- Route 66 Going Out West
We assemble in Bloomington, IL.  Why?  Because Peter -- aka Old Blood And Guts -- wants to start on Route 66 at the world's only source of Beer Nuts!  Sounds like a photo op for sure... the start of many.  We will end up in Arizona and cut through Utah's great technical roads to include Torrey then back through Kansas City and points East.  To get on the list contact Peter.

July Means Newfoundland and Nova Scotia -- At least THREE
different rides
-- Peter and Dave will represent RST at the annual Bluenose Rally arriving on site via Canada on July 6
th and hanging out the weekend before sprinting home.  This will be a rendezvous and not a ride per se but if coming out of the Midwest contact Dave.
-- Shoulder Joe Trilone will be headed to Newfoundland.  That trip starts July 9th includes the ferry to Port Au Basque a stop over in Labrador before returning to Newfoundland and coming home.  Rocky Harbor and more on the stop list.  Contact Joe and more details soon.
-- Jesse aka Tech also headed to Newfoundland and this trip also starts July 6th.  However, he is rolling through Labrador but crossing Newfoundland first by way of Saint Johns and the ferry to Argentia on the East Coast.  There is lots of gravel through Labrador on the way to Quebec City so dual sport bike helpful.  Catch this group in Atlanta or Virginia Beach VA at the start. Contact Jesse for more info.

July 12 - 15 BMW MOA National Rally Rendezvous
This year the BMW national club has their annual rally in Des Moines, IA.  Many on the list own BMWs and attend or just like the rally but own other brands.  If you plan to attend this year contact DaveDo it NOW.  If enough riders are going we can try to lock down a hotel and plan a get together dinner.

August  -- Special 24 State Ride In Planning Stages
We always like to come up with one extreme ride per year.  And this year's ride will be "interesting".  Stay Tuned!

September -- Finger Lakes Rendezvous

October and November are of course the Fall Colors Ride and the Black Friday Ride.  More info later!!